Solution to overload of anticorrosive vacuum pump  (อ่าน 365 ครั้ง)


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Solution to overload of anticorrosive vacuum pump
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Solution to overload of anticorrosive vacuum pump

As for the anti-corrosion vacuum pump, how much do you know about it, and what measures should be taken for overload when using it? We should have a simple understanding. The following will introduce what measures should be taken for overload of anti-corrosion vacuum pump:

1. Hydraulic coupling: the use of hydraulic coupling can also prevent the overload of anti-corrosion vacuum pump, so that the pump can work under high pressure difference;

2. Vacuum electrical components are used to control the inlet pressure of anti-corrosion vacuum pump: pressure sensitive elements such as vacuum diaphragm relay or electric contact vacuum pressure gauge are installed at the inlet pipeline of anti-corrosion vacuum pump. After the vacuum system is started, when the pressure at the inlet is lower than the given value, the pressure sensing element will send out a signal to start the anti-corrosion vacuum pump through the electrical control system. If the inlet pressure of the pump is higher than the specified value, the vacuum pump will be shut down automatically to ensure its reliable operation;

3. Mechanical automatic pressure regulating bypass valve: the bypass valve is installed on the bypass pipe between the outlet and inlet of the anti-corrosion vacuum pump. This valve controls the pressure difference between the pump inlet and outlet not to exceed the rated value. When the pressure difference reaches the rated value, the valve will open automatically by the differential pressure, so that the outlet and the inlet are connected, so that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet is reduced rapidly. At this time, the anti-corrosion vacuum pump works under almost no pressure difference load. When the vacuum pump passes through the rated value, the pump will close automatically when the differential pressure is lower than the rated value. The anti-corrosion vacuum pump with bypass relief valve can be started at the same time with the previous pump, which makes the unit operation simple and convenient.

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