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Pressure of stainless steel vacuum pump
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Pressure of stainless steel vacuum pump

For the knowledge of stainless steel vacuum pump, I believe you have a certain understanding, in order to have a better use of it, we should understand its calculation method, the following is a brief introduction for you.

Vacuum degree = atmospheric pressure absolute pressure (atmospheric pressure is generally 101325pa, the ultimate absolute pressure of water ring vacuum pump is 3300pa, and the limit absolute pressure of vane vacuum pump is about 10Pa)

1. Limit relative pressure: the relative pressure is how much lower the measured internal pressure is than the "atmospheric pressure". It shows that the actual value of system pressure is lower than that of atmospheric pressure. As the air inside the container is pumped, the pressure inside is always lower than that outside the container. Therefore, when expressed in terms of relative pressure or gauge pressure, the value must be preceded by a negative sign, indicating that the internal pressure of the container is lower than the external pressure;

2. Limit absolute pressure: the absolute pressure is how much higher the measured internal pressure is than the "theoretical vacuum (theoretical vacuum pressure value is 0Pa)". It compares the absolute vacuum pressure of the theoretical state. Due to the limitation of technology, we can't pump the internal pressure to the absolute vacuum value of 0Pa in any case. Therefore, the vacuum value pumped by stainless steel vacuum pump is higher than the theoretical vacuum value. So when expressed in absolute vacuum, there is no negative sign in front of the value.

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