The Issue with mechanic jumping and elitism in RuneScape  (อ่าน 9 ครั้ง)


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The Issue with mechanic jumping and elitism in RuneScape
« เมื่อ: กรกฎาคม 31, 2020, 09:29:55 AM »
Quit attempting to rs 3 gold pvm with rude men and women. This is not a needed thing. The main point is do not attempt to pvm with people who are dicks. Nobody should be crapping on you for your kill times. That being said, if very great players are searching for very speedy trio ed runs (since it is the only way not soloing them is well worth it financially) then I don't have any problem with them saying"sorry, we need boss kill times of x, and we are pretty sure you'll slow us down".

That is fine, that is not elitism, that's those that have a great deal of practice and want to do something particular you are unlikely to have the ability to assist with. Why do you pvm, you need to sell your gear and move mining" or saying they'll take learners and then not taking you because of a slow kill time or whatever. That is poisonous behaviour. But if I have spent hours doing a supervisor, possess 800 kill count and that I want fast consistent simple chill kills, why should not I make sure the people I am going with will be the same standard? I'm not registering for a teaching session, I'm wanting some casual elite dungeons pviming. Worth noting the last piece is a view point, my verak lith period is just like 20s quicker than yours, so I would imagine we drop in the same category of"lol git gud shitter" to anyone who is that sort of poisonous.

Cause why notthe matter with times periods and challenging HP caps is they become very boring as soon as you get to a certain stage. This implies to get a top tier pvmer they are boring daily one, to a person good they're dull after a few days, and each player finds them boring after a few years of electricity creep. Unless jagex are going to go about and rebalance content all the time (they need to do it more often but they aren't likely to) then mechanics like that are just bad design.

On launch stage 1 rax was balanced. You had to be good but you'd get the hp down as the net was. In 2020, phase one is"stand around and tap boss simulator" that takes nearly double the time that the average player would undergo it once they understand the boss. P2 on course 2 is exactly the same, in case you understand the boss at all you'll be stood around on the ramp just chilling avoiding mechanics bored out your own mind. Hard phase points have capacity to be fun an engaging but they generally don't age well. Time gates are just unfun, and stages that become time gates as power creep happens aren't enjoyable.

Looks like they're dealing with mechanics to me. They're picking to tank the strike with damage before the egg bombs go off as it is and they're doing each mechanic. It's not as though they are pushing a stage change by using uncapped familiar damage or ignoring freeing people like AoD. Even if they do the 1 mechanic they are opting to have a hit that is barely a mechanic that takes 5 minutes to clean and it wouldn't be seen by you most of the time anyhow. Can it be elitist of me to refuse to buy old school runescape gold perform manners in some other match, or league, or CS, below me with someone multiple ranks?


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